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There is no better time than now to change your life. 

Celine Modert

Member of the month:

May 2024


Celine Modert




Lowell, MI

Member Since:

Fall of 2019.

What do you do when you’re not at CFA?

I spend a copious amount of time investing in my 3rd grade students, preparing lessons and activities, connecting with their families and their outside life whenever possible, and pouring my heart into them. I also love spending time with my husband and my HUGE family. You could also find me out snow or water skiing, East Coast swing dancing, rock climbing, constantly socializing, participating in anything adrenaline thrilling and begging my friends for a motorcycle ride ever since I crashed my bike. 

What led you to Crossfit and CFA specifically? 

Growing up I never got to play sports, but once college hit I was determined to change that. A guy friend in college introduced me to CrossFit. I started dropping into different CrossFit gyms near me. The first time I dropped into CFA, I signed a membership right then and there. CFA felt so different, in that people were encouraging me and making me feel comfortable, even on that first day.

When did you realize that CrossFit is right for you?

I went into CrossFit with the mentality that it must be the sport for me, since I knew it is a sport which involves self motivation, intensity, and is flexible with other commitments and responsibilities. When I started CrossFit, I spent my early years there working two jobs as a full-time college student. It took a lot more patience and humiliation than I anticipated, to feel as if CrossFit could be something I could be good at. I didn’t always have as much time as I wanted when it came to working on movements. The helpful part was learning that I didn’t have to be the best at it right away in order for CrossFit to be, “right for me.” 

What movement do you despise over everything and why?

Squat snatch because I feel like a wobbly giraffe everytime. 

What has been your all-time favorite moment at CFA? 

There are far too many to pick!!! Some of the best moments would be anytime I’m getting in on a good race against someone during a workout, partner workouts, bringing friends to try CrossFit out for the first time, sweating hard in the summer with all the garage doors up and music pounding, and big events and challenges like Murph that get everyone together.

What motivates you during a tough workout?

During a tough workout, I am reminded that, “suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” (Romans 5:4) I’ve tried to get in the habit of spending a moment in prayer during the paincave. Such instances help me think about my reliance upon Christ in life. Amidst those moments of physical defeat, I am reminded that we would be left defeated in the end if it weren’t for Jesus Christ. These moments spur humility and thankfulness that Christ not only offers us strength to persevere, but He is our greatest and only hope in all of life. 

If you could write your own workout for a day, what would it be? 

Buy-in: 50 ft handstand walk 

then 4x: 12 tire flips, 30 box jump overs, 5 heavy power cleans, 5 bmus/ 15 t2b / 20 pull up/ 5 bmus (rotating bar movement per round) 

Buy-out: 800m run

What are your goals going forward and what do you think will help you achieve them? 

One of my fitness goals is to maintain a healthy balance working out which will be maintainable long-term for all seasons of life. I am a strong advocate that some of the most worthwhile things people do are the small habits they build, and more importantly keep. A deep hope is that my passion will inspire others to find their own unique fitness niche. I want others to understand that caring for our physical bodies has the power to bring advancement into every area of our lives. My ultimate goal with working out is to better maintain myself so I can serve others around me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness or just day to day life since starting CrossFit? 

One of the coolest things about CrossFit is that I found myself knee deep enjoying the process of learning all the movements, catching up with others, gaining PRs, understanding techniques and acronyms. One day I realized I gained 30lbs in pure muscle, and another random day my jaw dropped as I looked in the mirror. The beauty in CrossFit to me was how appearance was never the focus, but a plus that just happened to come alongside. More than this; though, CrossFit has served to be an invaluable outlet for my mental health. I can walk in having the worst day ever and leave feeling happy and motivated. 

What would you recommend to someone who is just starting out with CrossFit? 

CrossFit is not for everyone, but anyone should give it a shot. There are so many new movements, and advice I wish I heard early on would be to always try just one new movement per workout. I remember trying too many new movements and being discouraged in the beginning. Sometimes I  also made the mistake of scaling and never trying certain movements, because the quantity seemed overwhelming. If you  practice the actual movement (not the scaled movement) with just less reps in the workout, you can be advancing to RX much quicker! 

If you could have one skill or characteristic of another member at CFA what and from whom would it be? Or which other CFA member are you the most motivated by? 

Leah Austin because of her dedication, positive spirit, and ethical honesty with no reps. Other members I have looked up to over the years would be Dana Wessels and Lauren Smith; they are absolute work horses.

Quick Questions

Favorite Cheat meal: Lots of vanilla ice cream with Reese’s peanut butter cups
Favorite Workout song:  Only Girl in the World-Rihana 
Favorite Place You Have Traveled: California 
Favorite CrossFit Games Athlete:  Paige Powers and Scott Panchik

Coach’s comment:

We’re thrilled to have Celine as our Member of the Month at CFA for May, recognizing her incredible journey spanning nearly five years of dedication and positivity. Celine’s not just a powerhouse in the gym but also has a friendly demeanor that is perfect for our community. When she is not putting her dedication into her third graders or using her adventurous spirit, Celine can be found crushing some bar muscle-ups and handstand walks. Overcoming challenges with grit and a smile, she’s become a beacon of strength and camaraderie, inspiring us all to push through tough workouts and embrace the journey, one rep at a time. Beyond her personal achievements, Celine’s mission is to inspire others, showing them the life-changing power of fitness and the joy of community.


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